Corporate and Personal Marketing

We provide promotion services for companies, groups and individual persons.
We help companies to increase their public contact, to have a bigger audience and we help individuals to become known, to present their work and capabilities.

There are many reasons to become known. When you are known, what you say and what you do become more important.

A good public image and a high prestige level can help you to expand your personal or business relations, or to find a better paid job, according to your skills.


We help the companies to build their brands!

The company image can be improved on the market when appropriate advertising campaigns are implemented through multiple means. We offer packages of marketing services that cover the most effective advertising means.

Each person or businessman must have both a good public image and a place where can be found.

The Internet offer a worldwide market where you have to be present. We can help you to have your own dedicated application online that will be your business card on Internet.

We offer a brandable widget in order to be used as your Promotion Card.

On you can arrange the production and online distribution services for your promotional materials.

We are creative people. Doing the same things in the same old manner is boring. This is why we create new concepts, new projects, new opportunities!