Q-Ad Network

In the global market war we have to find our allies! Advertisers need publishers and vice versa. Here is the place to find allies which can help you to grow your audience and business.

Q-Ad means Quick-Advertising.

Our online Q-Ad Network is an effective way to have more visitors on your website.


Q-Ad RW-Visit – Reciprocal Website Visiting

As Reciprocal Website Visitor you will exchange website visits! This is a network where the members help each other in order to increase the audience.

We need serious people to build a strong network. This is not a place to cheat. Our principle is the reciprocal help.

The main role of a Reciprocal Website Visitor, member of our the Q-Ad Network, is to be both an advertiser and a visitor for other’s websites.

When you become a member of Q-Ad Network your website URL will be displayed on our Q-Ad RW-Visit Network Directory.

All you have to do is to visit the websites listed on the Q-Ad RW-Visit Network Directory. Visiting websites is not a job or paid work, but a reciprocal favour between our network members.

The audience of your website can grow fast! All members of the network will have to visit the websites of other’s members.


Q-Ad Text

You text ads are displayed on our network.

Q-Ad Video

Video commercials webcasting. Your video ads are webcasted on Q-Ad TV.

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