Mental Balance Recreation

All that we live influences our mental state. Our mind bear all conscious and unconscious influences.

We have to face many problems and society ask us to be competitive and day by day we accumulate stress. We can not resist in a permanent battle without rest.

In society we are competitors and is very hard to find a moment of quiet.

We have to re-create our inner energy in order to have both our mind and physical body in balance. From time to time, besides the sleep and parties, we need a moment for mind rest and recreation.

The nature has its own equilibrium and is a source of energy. Our state is bound to the natural system and we have to respect its harmony. All our actions have a natural limit that we can not force too much.

Both our body and mind have a permanent connection with the nature and the universe. We have to let this connection open in order to receive the message of natural harmony.

What we do when we are overwhelmed of problems and we can not find solutions? Then we take into consideration the power of the nature and we see that we are not able to change everything around us. We have to take a moment of rest and let the universal harmony to follow its rules. In that hard moments we have to listen more than to speak.

By following the harmony stream we can regenerate our mental and physical energy and recover ourselves.

Our energy is limited. It is consumed and have to be regenerated.