We all need health. That’s the most important thing. Besides health we want to look well.

We have to pay attention to many aspects of our life concerning the physical body and the mental.

In order to keep our health and a good physical shape we have to pay attention to both our diet and physical activity.

Check your diet and check your weight from time to time, in order to maintain an optimal weight accordingly to your height. Make your daily meal schedule.

If you have to lose weight is better to go to a specialist. Take a consultation to a nutritionist in order to know what types of foods to eat to stay healthy.

You can look younger by covering acne, sunspots, redness, and wrinkles. For your acne treatment go to a dermatologist.

Do not exaggerate making you look dry and powdery.
Try new hairstyles and makeup trends!
Choose a lipstick color that fits you, best facial cleanser and facial moisturizer.

Foundation is generally recommended for women over 35.
Use a concealer (colour corrector used to mask pimples and other small blemishes visible on the skin), mascara and gloss. It is recommended to keep your face light.

Use natural moisture creams with minerals and vitamins.
Buy only high quality products. Many products for your beauty can be fake products. The best choice is to use eco-friendly products, natural cosmetics.

For your skin beauty and health you can use: hand and body lotion with aloe vera and oatmeal, quality soap, long-lasting moisturizing body milk, perfumed body lotion, eau de parfum, skin care aromatherapy (lavender, lemon, sage and spruce, collection for body and bath with vitamins, honey and lemon cream, shower gel, eau de toilette spray, papaya soap, vanilla hand and body lotion, night cream, bath oil, antifungal foot spray, protection against mosquitoes, body toning lotion, roll-on anti-perspirant deodorant, softening balm, banana and coconut body milk, deodorising body bar and other high-quality articles for your body comfort.

Mental Care
Day by day the stress level is rising. It’s not a good thing to accumulate stress. There are some techniques for eliminating the stress.

Take anti-stress counselling and psychotherapy consultations. Pay attention to your mental health.

When you have a low level of stress you can think how to solve problems, you eat less and healthy.

If you don’t need a shrink you can join a meditation club, yoga club or other practices that can help to your relaxation.

Organize your life and plan actions to make you healthier and happier!