Couple Relationship

Partner you need

When we think about a partner we have in mind what we need the most, but everythink is important and the defects should be less visible than qualities.

From experience you learn to differentiate traits of personality and many signs of behaviour that could indicate this traits.

When is the time to choose you look for what is suitable for you. From many types of character you have to find that man/woman that fit you the best.

There are many types of character. Everybody has pluses and minuses.

Everyone has a main characteristic and you should discover it. What your partner likes and what he/she is interested in. He/she can be materialistic, romantic, intellectual, wise, humorous, careful, familyman, calm, listless, conceited, modest, hard working, sluggard, independent, outgoing, extrovert, introverted, fastidious, sensitive, jealous and so on.

Generally, you may look for a partner who enjoy the same activities with you.

A couple should be as a unite team. One have to compensate a lack of the other in order to reach a balance of the couple.

The physical aspect is very important. A beautiful body is always attractive. Some people like athletic bodies, while others like round forms of body.

The appearance is not always reflecting the real person behind, but the way he/she is dressed is reflecting a part of his/her life style. The personality is very complex and you need time and events to see how a man/woman behave and what is in his/her mind. 

Couple Relationship Problems

Many reasons could apart a couple but the most problems could be solved by communication. A balanced relationship require attention, intelligence and communication and sometimes concessions.

Some people are used to be the chief, they want to control and order everything, but in a couple relation this is not a good approach.

The education has a big importance into a relation, because not everything has to be only for our pleasure. The today society pushes us to catch the opportunities but we have to think to our relations if a decision could affect it.

Some people like to rest far away of society, while others like to be in the middle of people, in the middle of attention.

Many people want to have a generous partner and are used to receive presents. If you look a partner only for his money, then think that in the future you may need more than this.

Everybody want a partner with a nice behaviour in order to offer affection, care, and to prove he/she wants to build a future together.

A frequent mistake is to compare your relation with others. The appearance is not reflecting the reality all the time. You have to feel happy in your way because you don’t know others problems and the appearance could be deceptive.

Some people think that a little jealousy is a sign of love, others think is a lack of trust. The jealousy is not a good manner to keep your partner. In fact the jealousy often apart couples. To be jealous could reveal that you are insecure and you are afraid will lose in front of others.

In a relationship you don’t have to agree all the opinions of your partner. You should have your own opinion and your arguments. The different opinions don’t have to lead to a dispute. You can talk in a nice manner in order to explain your opinion. Is important to make you understood.

Do you want to change your partner habits? It’s not easy. The change of a habit require time, good will, understanding, concessions. Preferably is to know your partner’s habits from the relationship start and to think if you can accept them. It is obvious you can’t know all of them from the beginning.

The Marriage

Not everybody have the same point of view on marriage. For one the marriage is necessary while for other is a complex problem and not necessary.

For some couples the marriage is an obligatory act for their religion, or for their conservative vision. Others think that the marriage represents just a contract for dividing a fortune.

Love is not the only condition to marry someone. The material problems are very important. As a couple, we need stability in many respects in order to make plans for the future.

Besides money we need good will. Our skills could be different and our dispositions could be different. One day he is less happy, the next day she is less happy. The emotional states and personal problems need a reciprocal compensation between she and he.

At a certain age, having a relation could give birth to gossip. A marriage proves a more serious relation, but you don’t have to do that only for your public image. Nobody lives in your place.

The marriage is good when you feel good this way. Nowadays, both sexes are holding off on entering into long-term partnerships. In many cases the need of marriage comes when they wait to have a baby.

Don’t wait! Make your partner happy and you’ll be happy!