Search Engines Algorithms Critique

Not every webmaster or website owner is interested in Search Engine Optimization. A lot of people have jobs not related with the Internet but like to have a blog.

If somebody wants to write his/her thoughts on the blog, probably he/she believe that a lot of Web surfers will read them.

After a little surfing on forums and blogs, anybody will find out what is their website problem: indexing and displaying on engine search results page.

Probably that bloggers is not too interested in SEO. Not everybody wants to learn about algorithms, backlinks, follow or nofollow links.

The website owner task is to provide interesting content in his/her activity domain, not only in the website optimization field.

The Internet is a great invention, but the neccessary tools for a successful experience are not provided.

Some smart guys have catched the trend before being visible for everybody and now make the rules on Internet. Now, a good idea isn’t enough. You need big money in order that your business to be found quickly online by keywords.

A lot of time lost trying to optimize a website. Time lost because all websites depends on search engines rules.

The main problem it’s not only the search engines algorithm, but the lack of accessible tools needed to get on a good position on search engines results page, when your website provides important, informative content.

The content is important for relevance in front of search spiders, but enough. Subjectively saying, the search engines have created some restrictive algorithms. Not only restrictive as webpages evaluation, but as public knowledges.

I understand why the algorithm must be kept secret. Because their business must be competitive.

The search engines sell advertising. The website owners want to reach the top of search results, and then, having a large audience, to sell advertising.

If a search engine would make public the evaluation algorithm, all webmasters would try to make necessary changes in order to be in top.

Some information regarding websites evaluation algorithms can be found on official websites or discussions, or on webmasters forums. This wouldn’t be a problem. The problem is if all algorithms are correct.

Lets say anybody could learn the algorithm of a search engine. Some experienced webmasters would stay in top 10. Certain companies have enough money to spend on whatever is needed to stay on top. The only drawback is they don’t know on what to invest in order to stay on top.

If a certain website would stay a long time in the first place, this means that company can sell advertising at the same level with the search engine, because is relatively at the same level with SERP sponsored listings.

This is the reason for that search engines will never disclose the complete and real algorithm. Their power is: the secret evaluation criterions. I think it’s their right, a value that they have created.

The mechanism is simple. When a website is too good and become an important competitor, the search engine that feels the threat will change the algorithm and the competitor will go down or even will disapear.

The algorithms are changing frequently, but they are not evolving everytime. Sometimes they can change something in order to eliminate some tough competitors.

For low levels of appreciation you can do the website optimization. Build some links in the benefit of the search engines. If a website has outbound links this help search engines to find other websites.

You lose time to find websites and webmasters that accept to insert links to your website.

The search engines penalize artificial or sold links, but you have no choice. You need backlins if you want to have visitors.

Lets say you have important content on your website. How could somebody find your website to read it when your webpages not appear on SERPs.

How to build natural backlinks if nobody see the website? It’s a nonsense.

At least at the beginning, you have to buy backlinks in order to raise your website rank. If you don’t have money to buy links you can make link exchange or you can enter in reciprocal link systems. This will lead to filling your pages with banners, destroying the website design.

The Internet is not only for website owners. A lot of people search for interesting contents, but they have not the possibility to create backlinks (with “follow” attribute) and probably don’t have time to make promotion. Probably a webmaster will not seek for an article on other domain than his domain. If an article is good but is not discovered by a kind webmaster, then, a backlink will not be built. Is correct that website not to be found?  

The content is not enough. This is the problem.

The website owners are competitors on Internet space and they would never recommend other website without a clear interest (money, partnership, Copyright compliance, indexing etc.).

The recommandation through baclinks is not a relevant method.

The Search Engine Optimization experts can not have entire information regarding the search engines algorithms.

Generally, the search engines earn from advertisement and they have not the interest to teach other company to work against them, to attract clients from SERP.

The SERP is a webpage where people and companies enter to look for information. The results displayed represent their main information, their bait that attracts clients.

The SEO experts sell their services to clients. What for? For a better place on SERP. This is like I would give guidance for a contest without knowing all rules.

It’s a hard job for SEO experts, but the search engines needs clients and have the right to defend their business by changing the contest rules. In fact, is a virtual contest.

Only some employees could know the entire algorithm, but they will never take risks to tell somebody. Anyhow, nobody will know the entire algorithm of other search engines.

Thus, we can not find too many SEO experts. We can find well informed webmasters, and if we have not time and passion to read much on SEO, will pay him to do the job.