Slogan Collection

Business Promotion Slogans

Be part of our success!

No one can find the best business in the world. We keep it in a safe place…

Good for us to know you in… Good for you to win with us!

We show you all we know! What more could you want? Oh, yes… You want to come in…


Design Slogans

Design for you! Unique forever!


How-to and DIY Slogans

We show you how to… Do it right!

Don’t hurry! Just do it quick!…

Just do it your way… We show you how!


Motivational Slogans

You know you are the best! Just let other see!

Do the job you like, but do it perfectly!

Life is beautiful when you create your way!


Slogans for Social Networks

Join my net! We’ll work it out together!

Friendship wanted! Big reward!