Marketing Officer Services

The Marketing Officer service is dedicated to work for your personal or corporate online business promotion.

No contract for hiring.

A fixed price for a fixed list of objectives. View the price for Online Marketing Officer.

Marketing Officer is a service for the accomplishment of your marketing tasks. The activity of Marketing Officer is focused on your marketing interests. The work of marketing officer will be displayed on the dashboard.

The work of the Marketing Officer is based on results and not on time wasting. We help you to eliminate both the big expenses with an employee wages and the time wasting to instruct and supervise an employee.

We know the best techniques and we accomplish the tasks in time just for about 10% from the smallest wage that you would pay an employee for marketing department.

We list the objectives we want to achieve for you and you pay only for the acomplished objectives. If by mistake something was not correctly done, we’ll reprogram the tasks for immediate achievment and the subscription period will be prolonged, if needed, at no cost for you.

The Marketing Officer does the work needed for online promotion and all the activity will be reported to you monthly. You will know exactly what you pay for.

The reports of Marketing Officer activity will be displayed on the Dashboard. You can see the list of your Marketing Officer actions with links in order you to see how your marketing messages and advertisements appear for your audience.

Link building – circa 50 “DoFollow” backlinks per month. We can show you they are active but we can not guess how many and when will be registred by search engines.

We don’t want to show you how fast we are in building the backlinks for your website because this could be very bad for your ranking.

We want to make your incoming links appear natural and relevant. It takes some time but on long term is better.

If you have no traffic or no quality content but you have thousands of backlinks then that’s unnatural. If you receive hundreds of backlinks in a short time that’s not natural too.

Our opinion is you need to have a mix of links coming into your website. A good mix of backlinks would be from different types of sources: bookmarks, articles, forum posts, blog comments, social profiles etc.


Marketing Officer’s activity:

~ Articles submissions

~ Press Releases submissions

~ Directory submissions

~ Forums - profiles and topics opening, replies, comments

~ Blog commenting – with link on name

~ Microblogging

Classified Ads submission

~ Social Media Network Marketing – profile creation if you don’t have one on all websites from our list; friendship, likes, votes, comments on your profile etc.;

~ Send Newsletters to opt-in subscribers

~ Marketing research – surveys, polls, keyword trending, competition watching;

~ Website Audit – one website audit per month – tens of aspects analyzed.

~ Social Bookmarking

~ Video distribution. We help you to have your videos on high traffic video sharing websites. We distribute your video advertisement on tens of video sharing websites. You’ll receive the list of links where your video ads can be viewed.

~ Webcast – streaming your (YouTube) videos on our webcasting network.

~ Audio content distribution for podcasting.

~ RSS Feed submissions to specialized RSS Directories.

~ Website URL submission to Web Directories and Search Engines;

~ Submission of XML Sitemap to Search Engines. Creation of sitemap if needed;

~ Ping – Crawler notification.