Online Advertising Campaigns

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Quick Online Advertising Campaigns


In order to have your business online promoted, we have created 2 main possibilities for a quick and high quality advertising:

1 ~ Marketing Panel (hosted)

2 ~ Marketing Agent

For the best result, our recommendation is to order both Marketing Panel and Marketing Agent.


1. If you order a Marketing Panel, you can have the best presentation Webpage. All you have to do is to fill in the forms all the data you want to make public and then you can promote your personalized marketing panel.

The Marketing Panel helps you to have all the contact data, your news and announcements and even your best selling products displayed in one single place.

Our website is very well and quick indexed by search engines and your marketing panel can be found very easy.

You’ll be very pleased to see how your audience and clients will prefer to add to their Favorites your Marketing Panel page in order to get in contact with you quickly.


2. If you order a Marketing Agent services package, you can see very clearly what you pay for.

The Marketing Agent will post your ads, articles, press releases, on our advertising accounts.

You don’t have to open tens of accounts in order to post classifieds because we have accounts on tens of high traffic websites and we can do all this job for you.

Our Free Promotion Widget is displayed on a network of websites and we display your ads on the widget pages in order to expose your promotional messages to a wide audience.

The Marketing Agent will send newsletters to our opt-in subscribers in order to inform them about your offers.

You only need to:
- choose the category;
- choose the template of the ads;
- create the content of your ads.