Browser Toolbar

In order to ease the promotion activity of our users we have built useful tools for browser toolbar.

Enable these widgets when you work for your marketing campaigns. When you don’t need them, you can disable them easily in order to have more space on the screen.


1. Install the last version of Quick Promotion Expert Browser Toolbar.

2. Install Quick Promotion Expert Button for Google Toolbar.


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1. Quick Promotion Expert Browser Toolbar


- this toolbar covers services provided by Quick Promotion Expert (;

- Drop-down Menu links: Home Page, Twitter Page, Facebook Page, Contact Page, Upgrade Page, Settings;

- Search bar with Options Menu;

- Icons links: Home Page, Posts Listing, Profiles;

- RSS – Titles Listing;

- Facebook profile widget;

- Direct Tweet widget;

- Statuses – Microblogging Posts Listing;

- Direct posting from the browser toolbar gadget;

- Q-Ad TV – webcasting;

- EXPOSITION TV – webcasting.


2. Quick Promotion Expert Button for Google Toolbar


- Quick Promotion Expert dedicated button;

- Links to Home Page, RSS Page, Statuses Listing Page, QP-PP Listing Page, Q-Ad TV Page;

- Direct status posting from the browser toolbar gadget.


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Toolbar Widgets – Questions and Answers


Q: How to install Quick Promotion Expert Toolbar?

A: Download the self-executable (.exe) file on your computer. Double click it and save the file in Program Files folder.


Q: How can I hide or show the Browser Toolbar?
 The Toolbar can be hidden very easy. Click on “X” on the left side of the toolbar, beside “” and then “Disable”. Or, on the browser menu, open View -> Toolbars  and click on Quick Promotion Expert Toolbar to uncheck it in the list. Then click “Disable”. All new browser windows will have the Toolbar hidden.
To show the Toolbar again, just go back to View -> Toolbars and click Quick Promotion Expert Toolbar and “Enable”.


Q: How to upgrade the Quick Promotion Expert Toolbar?
If it is already installed, from time to time, you can upgrade the browser toolbar to the last version with the same procedure that you use for installation, from the same download page. Uninstall the old version and then install the new one.


Q: How to uninstall the Quick Promotion Expert Toolbar?
You can uninstall it using your computer’s Add/Remove Programs feature. Open your Windows Start menu, go to Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs. Click on `Quick Promotion Expert Toolbar` and then click the Remove button.


Q: Some features of Quick Promotion Expert Toolbar are not displayed correctly. How to fix this?
Uninstall the old toolbar. Restart your computer. Install the last version of the toolbar. If the problem persist, please contact us.


Q: How can I hide Button from Google Toolbar?
Click Settings icon (Adjust Toolbar Options) -> Options -> Custom Buttons -> Uncheck Quick Promotion Expert -> Save.


Q: How do I uninstall the Quick Promotion Expert Butoon from Google Toolbar?
Click Settings icon (Adjust Toolbar Options) -> Options -> Custom Buttons -> Check Quick Promotion Expert -> Click Remove -> Save.