Welcome to our exhibition zone!

Quick Promotion Expert (QP-X.com) provides online marketing products and services and is a project created by Bogdan Poleuca.

Marketing is a critical element for the success of your business.
With a professional marketing service you can make the difference between to be and not to be successful.

If you don’t promote your products and services frequently, in short time your business will die!

Whatever is your activity field, it is absolutely crucial to have a partnership with a marketing expert.

A fair and experimented marketer can bring the success of your business.

We provide high quality services for promotion on Internet.

We want to have a good and long partnership with all our members. This is why we gather in a single place the important features that you need in order to have a maximum exposure on the Web.

Our service comprises many features and we are looking to offer other new features and all that can be useful for your expansion on Internet.

Our interest is our members to have the best results regarding the public image, brand awareness, business development, finding clients and partners, sales growing.

QP-X.com is mobile enabled. Your content posted on qp-x.com can be viewed on mobile phones.

This website is constantly advertised with the best means. Our audience is important because your content displayed here will be viewed and will lead visitors to your business.

Our Sitemaps are validated and well indexed by search engines.

The content of qp-x.com are displayed on partner websites. The RSS Feeds are distributed on many networks.

You can contribute to our online television channel.

Exposure is important!

We have created this website for your business and personal exhibition!

We want to help our users to create their personal or commercial network.

This is the best place to post your offers. Space for online showroom! Show your products and services on our marketplace!

Present your websites, blogs, business and yourself!

Banners and links for your website promotion allowed on our applications!

Show your business, talent or skills, show others how you do something very well, tell your story or present your creations.

Here you can have an attractive profile page.

You are allowed to post your website and RSS Feed URL, describe yourself, discuss on forum etc.

Join our community and expose yourself! Promote your business!

Post questions and answers, news, classified ads, announcements, brand logo, links etc.

We create new features of this website in order to provide the best facilities for our users.


The main mission of QP-X.com – Quick Promotion Expert is to provide marketing products and services at the highest quality and performance in an agreeable relationship with all the clients.

Our headquarter is online. We work with clients from all domains and from all the countries of the world.

We provide especially online marketing services. 

Our values:

* Maintaining good relations with our clients and business partners.

* Offering high professional standards through all products and services provided.



* To become the best online marketing products and services provider.

* To develop long term relations with our clients.

* To build our prestige by offering reliable products and services.


Personal and Business Exclusive Promotion

We help you to produce and expose commercial messages!

We know how to market online!

The key to the success of your online business is Online Promotion.

We publish and distribute your media content!

We don’t use techniques that involve spam!
We don’t buy or sale lists of email addresses!
Our method is to send only solicited offers and newsletters to our opt-in subscribers.

Viral Marketing Services:
~ widgets - with Marketing Panel,
~ video spots – production and distribution.

We offer two categories of marketing services: free of charge and paid services.

Free of charge services are provided through our websites and involve an easy participation from your part, like signing up for an account, uploading your content, inserting a widget code on your website.

We allow you to post commercial messages, images, backlinks, deep links for your website, on our dedicated websites and all the titles are displayed on the Free Promotion Widget, free of charge.

We provide free of charge listing for your website URL on our Web Directory.

We help you to promote the backlinks to your blog or e-commerce website.


Audience Community

As community members, we have to work together as a team in order to accomplish the same goal: increasing the visibility of our Web sites.

Our community network is based on a simple concept: you’ll receive the benefits by making simple visits to community members websites.

We don’t hide anything.

What we are asking in change with our free of charge services?
We only ask you:
- to agree to receive newsletters from us once a week;
- to insert the Free Promotion Widget on your website;
- be an active member on Audience Community.
That’s all we ask.

The promotion services are very expansive, but you need to advertise in order to increase your sales.

Do you believe that we offer certain products and services in order to promote your business free of charge? You have to, because it’s real.

Try our marketing services!
Tell us what is your opinion on our free and paid Promotion Services.

We want to help you to develop your business, because this way the others will both see and want to become our partners.

In the development of this project we want to gather multiple services in a single point, in order that the business owners to find here all that they need for a quick promotion.

We are both very proud and confident in our work.

Join our marketing network and develop your business!